You can contact us during office hours by phone or any time via e-mail. We will try to process your request immediately or contact you for further arrangements.

Phone: 0391 67-52979

Inquiries by e-mail or telephone on standards and intellectual property rights are handled as usual. We will provide user trainings by phone or guide you through the search process. In a first step, all coordination for search requests takes place by telephone. We therefore ask you to provide as detailed a description as possible of, for example, your trademark or invention, including drawings or a presentation as a basis for the conversation. If, in individual cases, a detailed consultation by telephone is not sufficient, we will make an individual appointment in urgent cases.

You can request and arrange appointments for the initial consultation for inventors as usual. Depending on the current development of the situation, we will inform you at short notice whether a telephone consultation by the patent attorney at the agreed date is possible.

Please return books whose loan period ends before May 4th, 2020, or which have received reservations by that date by May 18th, 2020. No reminder fees will be charged until then. Please direct any queries to

Yes, please call the University Library at: 0391 67 58256. The library staff will then clear the Carrel and arrange a collection date with you.

While the national inter-library system has been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an emergency operation is offered as an interim solution. Book and article orders can be placed, but limitations and delays may occur. However, please expect delays and a higher percentage of negative acknowledgements, as many libraries are still closed or do not have access to their full stock. If you have any questions, please contact .

Interlibrary loans, i.e. books that have been or are to be borrowed for you from other libraries (interlibrary loan orders), are cancelled. They are returned to the lending library. You will receive a credit balance for interlibrary loan orders that have already been paid for. Interlibrary loan copies (e.g. of articles) ordered before March, 13th are usually delivered to you by post. If you have any questions, please call: 0391 67- 40020.

Yes, all dates set until June are cancelled. However, we are currently working on offering alternatives, e.g. in the form of webinars, clips, online tutorials, etc.

Yes, we are also available for research advice via

  • Chat
  • phone
    • Economics and maagement, law: 0391 67-52985
    • Humanities, social and educational sciences: 0391 67 58256
    • Engineering, computer science, mathematics, natural sciences: 0391 67 40010
  • e-mail:

In addition to our e-books or e-journals, you can also use our Digital Semester Apparatus Service. That means, we scan printed literature from the University Library in accordance with copyright law and upload it to the learning platform (Moodle), if possible by the start of the term (probably April, 20th 2020). Further information can be found here and in the FAQ for lecturers.

Due to the reopening of the library after May 4th, printed media can be borrowed again. In addition to our e-books or e-journals, our Digital Campus Delivery Service is available to OVGU members. That means we scan printed literature of the University Library in accordance with copyright law and send it to you by e-mail. You can find further information here.

Yes, electronic media will continue to be available under the same conditions and through the usual channels. Some publishers also grant extended or simplified access conditions. For example, further databases can now be accessed from outside the UB: You can find an overview here.

Yes, you can still publish and hand in your thesis. Please contact Mrs. Christine Malz, 0391 67- 52300,

Further information can be found here.

For members of the university (employees + students of the OVGU) there are two possibilities:

  1. Search for the desired title in our reference systems (OPACUBfindEZBDBIS). Then, use the link [for university members: access worldwide] and enter your library card number (starting with 3100) + the corresponding password. A current membership is required, which you can renew via e-mail to
  2. Go to the publisher's page (e.g., Springer, Vahlen, DeGruyter) and select the login button - now search for terms like 'Log in via Shibboleth' or 'Login via Institution'. Here you select the Otto-von-Guericke-University-Magdeburg and then log in with your URZ account.

A VPN client is generally not necessary. Further information can be found here. If you have questions or experience problems, please contact UB IT-applications.

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