Gifts and Donations


Gifts (individual works, collections, estates etc.) can be offered to University Library Magdeburg. Private persons, authorities, parties, foundations and associations, publishing houses, universities, libraries, museums, etc. can act as donors.

  • The acceptance of gifts for the holdings of the University Library is based on the following binding principles: gifts can be accepted if a large proportion of the literature offered corresponds to the collection profile of the University Library and is not already in the collection.
  • The responsible subject specialist decides on the acceptance of a smaller gift in individual cases. In the case of larger gifts or those of particular importance, the decision is made by the management of the University Library.
  • Gifts are made without conditions and at the free disposal of the University Library. Assurances of possible special conditions can only be given in exceptional cases and for special reasons. This requires prior consultation with the management of the University Library. Commitments to take over services of any kind that arise from gifts are only possible after consultation with the management of the University Library.
  • The acceptance of a gift by the University Library usually occurs when the donor gives his or her written consent to the use of literature not to be incorporated (see forms). The transfer of duplicates to other libraries, sale or waste takes place in accordance with the guidelines for the separation, archiving and preservation of library materials in the university libraries of the state of Saxony-Anhalt. The processing of the offer of a gift is usually carried out on the basis of lists which must be submitted by the donor. Gifts sent unsolicited, which are not included in the inventory, will be used by the University Library for other purposes.



Literature offered to the University Library as a donation and included in the collection is essentially subject to the principles stated above for gifts. The approval and issue of a donation receipt is carried out by the university administration according to the valid guidelines of the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg for handling donations. With a written declaration of intent the donor declares to the University Library the intention to donate objects from his or her private assets. 

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