Declaration of Consent

Declaration of consent for the electronic publication at the OVGU

  1. The author allows the UB Magdeburg to make their publication permanently, free of charge and publicy available on the internet as well as on a document server or repository as an open-access publication as long as it is reasonable from a technical perspective.
    Library users are permitted to download and store the publication as well as distribute copies in a small amount for any use. § 53 UrhG (copyright law of Germany) applies.
    The copyright remains with the author. The accordance to the law is a resposibility of the author or editor.
    The author frees the UB Magdeburg from any claims from third parties (e.g. co-authors, publishers, funders). The UB reserves the right to prohibit access to the publication in case any third party's rights may be violated. The registration of a publication does not imply a legal claim to online publication.

    The UB receives the right to forward the electronic publication to the German National Library for the reason of long-time archiving. 

    In case the publication is an edited work, the signing author/editor assures that they have obtained permission from the participating authors/editors to publish their work under the conditions stated in this declaration.

    In case the publication is a dissertation or habilitation thesis, the author assures that the sent version corresponds to the version approved by the PhD or habilitation comission in accordance to the promotion or habilitation regulations stated by the respective faculty. Personal data such as resume or acknowledgements may be removed before publication.
    Data formats, meta data as well as the number of delivered copies correspond to the promotion or habilitation regulations as well as the regulations of the UB Magdeburg. 
  2. The author consents that personal data is shared for the purposes stated above. 

The author has the right to revoke the declaration of consent at any time in written form or by e-mail. The lawfullness of the processing carried out on the basis of the consent util revocation remains unaffected. 

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