Guided tours and user trainings

Start your studies at the beginning of the semester with the UB!

Introduction to library use with a tour of the library and getting to know the library services.


Library tour and introduction to literature research
Tours and trainings can be arranged individually. Please register by telephone under +49 391 67-52985 or by E-Mail at


Orientation in the library
Placment of subject stocks and journals
Registration / lending / inter-library loan
Introduction to literature research
Research tools and strategies

Duration: 60-90 minutes
Target group: Students, pupils and interested people without pre-knowledge


The University Library at a glance - guided tour of the library
During the tour you will get to know the University Library as a place of work and learning. We provide you with advice on how to use the library and explain our services.

Orientation in the library
Placment of subject stocks and journals
Registration / lending / inter-library loan

An individual introduction to literature research is possible afterwards.

Date: each second Monday of the month
Time: 3:00 p.m.
Location: Foyer of the University Library
Duration: ca. 30 minutes
Target group: Students without pre-knowledge


Attention: Due to the current situation all guided tours are unfortunately cancelled.


Audioguide of the University Library Magdeburg

Experience the UB audiovisually and get to know our library step by step.
With eight key stations and five additional stations you will get to know the basic functions and most important places of our library. You can decide in which order you want to explore the building.

If you want to do the audiotour, you will need headphones, the map and an mp3-compatible device.
You can either download the map here or get one at our circulation desk.

The tour takes about half an hour. Please note that using headphones is required, so that you won't disturb the visitors of the library. We hope that you enjoy our guide and wish you a pleasant stay.

There are three ways to do your tour:

  • You can play the files on this website
  • You can use the QR codes at the stations
  • You can download all the files and play them on your device


Key Stations

Additional Stations

0. Introduction

Z1 History of our library

1. Lobby

Z2 Lockers

2. Navigation

Z3 Self issue maschine

3. Information and circulation desks

Z4 Small introduction to our OPAC (How to find books)

4. How to find books on the ground floor

Z5 Neumann foundation

5. How to find books on the 1st floor


6. Group work rooms and Carrels


7. The 2nd floor


8. Natural Sciences, Mathematics and the patent information center




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