User Account

You can access your user account via the quick access on the landing page. After entering your user number and password, click on the "send" button. In your account, there are five tabs in the upper blue area:   


After opening your user account, you will always see your personal data as well as the validity of your membership and when it ends.
If your membership has expired, it can be renewed. Until then, however, no functions can be executed in the user account!


You will see a list of all items you have currently ordered or borrowed. To the right of each title, you can see the loan period, the number of renewals and the number of reservations.
Here you can renew the loan period if the items have not been reserved by another user. Reserved items cannot be marked, since renewal is not possible. Click the check box in front of the desired item(s) or click on the checked box in the table header. Now click on the grey button labelled "renew". All selected items will be given a new loan period.

The loan period can be extended a maximum of 5 times. Before the loan period of the last extension ends, you have to present all corresponding loans at the circulation desk of the library.


Here you can see the list of items that you have reserved.


Here you will find a list of open fees that are debited from your account due to postal notifications (postage) or loan period overruns (reminder fees) and have not yet been paid.


Here you can change your password. It can consist of a maximum of 8 characters. Permitted characters are: 0-9, a-z, A-Z.

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