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New Service for Returning Media

Starting Monday, November 16th 2020, media from both the University Library and the Medical Central Library can be returned at both locations during the respective opening hours!

Reading paper or e-books: library registration online now

Registered students of OVGU can also register online at the university library if they are unable to attend: Please send the scan of your identity card (Passport and document of your residence) and student card (passport an student card both sides) to ausleihe@ovgu.de The library registration is necessary to use digital media like e-books or papers.

Access to O'Reilly for Higher Education

The University Library now offers all university members access to the platform O'Reilly for Higher Education (formerly Safari Books Online). Over 45,000 eBooks from O'Reilly and more than 200 other publishers (e.g. Wiley, Pearson) from the fields of computer science and business are available there. In addition, practical knowledge can be acquired and deepened in video tutorials and case studies of large companies.

Access to the platform is provided via the URZ account (Shibboleth). Please note that it is not possible to download or print the eBooks. However, the O'Reilly app allows offline access to previously saved titles.

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Google Scholar @ UB Magdeburg

Google Scholar

The direct way from Google Scholar to full text.

For full texts licensed by UB Magdeburg the link full text @UB Magdeburg appears on the right side of the page. By clicking on this link you can directly access the full text of the electronic resource. Details about the configuration can be found here.

Update of User Account System

On Thursday, 17.09.2020, an update of the user account interface was conducted. The changes affect the design as well as some new functions.

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Monthly Carrels Usable Again

From Monday, June 8th 2020, personal use of the former monthly carrels will again be possible in limited numbers. These carrels can now be requested for one to four weeks (using this web form). Further information can be found here.

Please note that carrel users are not entitled to immediate admission to the University Library during the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, waiting times may occur. In this case, we ask for your understanding.

NEW! Open Access Monograph Fonds


Since the beginning of January 2020, we have expanded our service offering by a fund for supporting open access monographs. Using this service, scientists of the OvGU can fund the publication of open access monographs and anthologies according to certain terms. 

Contact person: Anja Matthes anja.matthes@ovgu.de, +49 391 67-58561

More details under: Monograph Fund



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