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Extended opening hours

verlaeng OeffnungszeitenIn preparation for the exam period, the University Library is extending its opening hours from June 30th – July 21st 2024:  

Monday - Friday        08:00 a.m. - 09:00 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday     10:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m.

We wish all students good luck during the exam period!

New EBS model with Nomos

A tablet and a cup of coffee on a wooden tableExplore over 10,000 ebooks, journals, and anthologies in the humanities and social sciences from over 40 publishers through the Nomos eLibrary. Our evidence-based selection model grants us complete access to these titles until December 2024. After that, selected e-books will be permanently licensed for the University Library. Access all titles directly through the university's data network, including Wi-Fi, and locate them in OPAC and UBfind.

Image: Erick Chévez

Statista: Extended campus license until 2028

Laptop on a glass tableStatista is a comprehensive statistics platform that provides access to a large variety of detailed statistics, diagrams and infographics on various topics.

The University Library has successfully extended the campus license for German-language content and the supplementary Statista International module with English, Spanish and French content for another five years until 2028.

In addition, university members now have the opportunity to access the Statista modules Global Consumer Survey and Company Insights. Global Consumer Survey offers global survey data that provides insights into consumer preferences, behaviors and trends. The Company Insights module presents detailed information on companies worldwide, including company profiles, financial data and employee figures.

Statista is available from the OVGU data network and for external off-campus use and can be found in the Database Information System (DBIS).

Image: Carlos Muza

DEAL Elsevier

The Otto-von-Guericke-University has joined the nationwide DEAL contract with Elsevier. As a member of the university, you will therefore have access to the majority of the electronic journals published by Elsevier from 01.01.2024 and can publish your articles Open Access under the contract. For authors (corresponding authors), the costs for Open Access are covered by the contract and you will not incur any additional publication costs. (excluding the Faculty of Medicine)

Sustainable continued use of shelving


As part of the expansion of the university library as a learning space, shelves that are no longer needed are being dismantled. We are pleased that all of the shelves have so far been reused within OVGU. In addition to the new CMD, they will be located in the University Computing Centre, workshops and Building 40.

New training offer: Literature management with Zotero

zoteroEnd the chaos and learn how to use the literature management tool. We are expanding our course catalogue and now offer Zotero courses on a regular basis. In our hands-on course, you will use the free tool to learn how to organize and manage references. Take this opportunity to elevate your academic writing skills by mastering Zotero.

To the appointments

New training offer: Word for scientific work

Word-Schulung_Werbung_WebsiteEvery first Thursday (ENG) and every last Thursday (DE) of the month we offer an online introductory course on "Word for scientific work".

With the Word Introduction course, you will learn how to effectively prepare your Word document for academic writing. The course covers the basic functions of Word and how to create style sheets for your upcoming or current seminar paper or thesis.

For more information and registration, please visit the E-Learning Portal Moodle


New EBS Model with Cambridge University Press

MoreCUP than 40,000 e-books from Cambdrige University Press are now available. Under an Evidence-Based Selection model, we can access the publisher's titles until the end of August 2024. After that, a selection of e-books will be permanently licensed to the university library. All titles can be accessed directly from the university's data network, including wifi, and can be found in OPAC and UBfind.



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