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What can be ordered in the inter-library loan system?

Literature which is not available in publicly accessible libraries in Magdeburg can be obtained from other libraries within the national inter-library loan system of Germany. Monographs and journal articles can be ordered. A prerequisite is that the desired literature is needed for professional or scientific purposes, as well as for education and training. 

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What cannot be ordered in the inter-library loan system?

  • Media that are listed within the UB Magdeburg or in public libraries in Magdeburg
  • Media that are currently borrowed
  • Literature that is available in bookshops at a low price up to 10 EUR
  • Whole volumes/issues of journals
  • State
  • Staatsexamen, master's and diploma theses
  • Loose-leaf editions
  • Media published before 1800/1900 and particularly valuable media
  • electronic books (eBooks)

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Who can participate in the inter library-loan system?

Inter-library loan requests can be made if you have a valid library membership and a user ID. To place orders, an account for the inter-library system must be set up at the circulation desk (Monday - Friday from 08:00 - 17:00). You will receive an access code and a password for your account at the counter.

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How does an inter-library loan work?

Access to the union catalogue of the GBV network

You can use the search function for title keywords, personal names, ISBN or ISSN, etc., or you can use corresponding index lists (subject areas, basic classification). The search function has the same structure as the search within the local catalogue OPAC. If necessary, please use the online help in the specified catalogues.


To order a selected title choose the function Loan request in the database (then you will receive the whole book for loan). You will then be asked to enter the access number = your user number from your user ID or student ID (3100...) and your password. In your first login, use the password that has been assigned automatically when the interlibrary loan account was created and change it as soon as possible for security reasons. You will find the respective option in your account.

The order data for the article or book will be transferred to a web form. At the end of the form you have to enter your password again and press the reqest button once.

If you have selected a journal article, there is only the function Copy request. To get access to the article, you must complete the information on the requested article in the form: Year, volume, author, title and pages. After re-entering your password, send the order by mouse click on the request button.

Your account balance will be reduced by one billing unit.

  • International Inter-Library Loan

If the desired literature is not listed in any library in Germany, it can be ordered in certain cases through the International Loan Service (ILV). Please contact the staff of the inter-library loan desk for this purpose. Please note that the costs charged by the supplying library have to be paid by you in full amount.

  • If you find nothing at all

Please make a written note of the desired inter-library loans. After payment of the inter-library loan fee, the desired inter-library loan will be ordered by us and the order number is sent to you via e-mail.

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Processing status

On the GVK webpage of the union catalogue, you will find your a list of orders using the Inter-library loan account button. After entering your user ID (number on the user ID or student ID 3100...) and password you will receive an overview of your inter-library loan orders with order numbers. By clicking on an order in the short list you will get a complete overview of the processing status of the selected order. In the Delivery information section you can see which library is currently processing your order, whether it has already been delivered or whether no library was able to process the order.

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Negatively acknowledge orders

If no library can handle the order, we will investigate further opportunities to get the orderered media and inform you via e-mail.

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You will receive an e-mail message from us as soon as the document has arrived and is ready for pickup or is available for reading in the library. Loan periods and conditions of use are determined by the lending library. Inter-library loans for borrowing cannot be extended.

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What does an inter-library loan cost?

For external users, a fee of 1.50 € is charged for each inter-libary loan according to our charges regulation (German only). For inter-library loan orders within the Common Library Network (GBV), of which our library is a member, an amount of 8.00 € has to be entered for the costs assumption. This amount corresponds to about 50 pages of A4 copies. Of course, you can decline to pay these costs in the costs assumption. However, be aware that your order may not be fulfilled. In case of international inter-library loans, the services invoiced by the lending libraries as well as an amount of 8.50 € must be paid by the customer in full amount.

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How long does an inter-library loan take?

Once the inter-library loan order has been sent, we have no influence on the processing time in other libraries. In general the waiting time can be 3 to 4 weeks. For urgently needed literature, we recommend the document delivery service  SUBITO. At the moment, there are only a few monographs in it, please search in the recommended databases.

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Who can help with questions about inter-library loans?

 Delivery Services:

 University Library Building 30

Tel.: +49 391 67-40020

(Monday - Friday 8:00-17:00)

 Vivien Kusian

Tel.: +49 391 67-51410

 Yvonne Beutler

Tel.: +49 391 67-52978

 Lydia Flössel

Tel.: +49 391 67-58239


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