New EBS model with De Gruyter

DeGruyter-EBSMore than 100,000 e-books from De Gruyter are now available. Under an Evidence-Based Selection model, we can access the publisher's titles until the end of 2023. After that, a selection of e-books will be permanently licensed to the university library. All titles can be accessed directly from the university's data network, including wifi, and can be found in OPAC and UBfind. 

Inventory work in the University Library

You have probably already noticed: our shelves are currently emptier than usual in some places. Please do not be surprised. We are currently carrying out inventory work. This means that media can be found in different places than before. Please feel free to contact our colleagues at the service counters as soon as you need assistance. We thank you for your understanding.

Campain week on trademarks and patents

From 19 to 23 September 2022, the Patent Information Centre and the Standards Infopoint of the University Library will take part in the nationwide PIZnet campaign week.


This free offer includes consultations and information on industrial property rights (trade marks, designs, patents and utility models) as well as on norms and standards.

Make your consultation appointment today on +49 391 67-52979 or

New Database: NexisUni

lexisnexisSince June 2022 our users have access to the database NexisUni. In this database, you can research articles from a wide range of German-language and international daily and weekly newspapers. Included are amongst others articles from Der Spiegel, Die Zeit and Die Welt as well as The Guardian, El Pais or New York Times.

In addition to news articles and press releases, NexisUni includes company data, industry reports, biographical information on business and political figures, and legal information on cases, decisions, and laws, particularly for the Anglo-American region – from a total of more than 17,000 sources.

Access NexisUni via our database information system DBIS:


Statement of the UB Magdeburg on Attack on Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine by troops of the Russian Federation has shocked us all. Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg stands for the European spirit of free and peaceful coexistence of all people. We condemn the unjustified attack on sovereign and democratic Ukraine, which is contrary to international law.

Our thoughts are with all those affected by this war; our solidarity is with the entire Ukrainian population and especially with our 115 Ukrainian students, visiting scholars and university partners in Ukraine, with whom we are closely connected through a variety of cooperations, exchange programs and partnerships. Quite a few of our students, scientists and scholars have remained in Magdeburg after their studies at the university and are in great concern for their families in Ukraine. Our solidarity goes out to them as well.

The university informs about support offers for affected persons or donation campaigns on its homepage.

The University Library also joins the appeal of the Ukrainian Library Association


First carrels equipped with monitors

Carrel_monitorRecently, 20 carrels (rooms 124 to 133 and rooms 201 to 210) have been equipped with monitors (22 and 24 inches). Users can connect their own devices, such as laptops, with the HDMI cables provided. The monitor position can be adjusted horizontally to allow for greater flexibility of use.

Please provide us with brief feedback on the equipment of the carrels with monitors and your usage experience at

In 2022, it is planned to equip all carrels with monitors in order to offer an even better learning and working environment for our users.

Reading paper or e-books: library registration online now

Registered students of OVGU can also register online at the university library if they are unable to attend: Please send the scan of your identity card (Passport and document of your residence) and student card (passport an student card both sides) to The library registration is necessary to use digital media like e-books or papers.

Simplified book return

In order to simplify the return of books, books can be returned directly to the security service at the entry.
The condition is that no resubmission is required and no reminder fees have to be paid. The books will be immediately signed out from the user account. In all other cases, please contact the circulation desk at tel. +49 391 67-52925 or

Using One-Day, Double and Weekly Carrels

Weekly carrels can be booked using this form. For double carrels, please use this form.
One-day carrels can be used by availability, please refer to the information desks.

Further information regarding usage conditions is available here.

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