Campus delivery service

The University Library offers OVGU staff and students the opportunity to scan printed texts from the University Library's holdings for their own academic use and make them available by e-mail.
For this service a valid membership of the University Library is required.

The distribution of digitised documents is subject to the Copyright Act (UrHG, in particular § 60c).
The University Library OVGU can provide parts of a work (monographs, edited volumes), individual articles from periodicals and individual illustrations.

The scans may only be used for academic scholarly purposes; this excludes, in particular, passing them on to third parties.

Orders can be placed informally by e-mail to
Please indicate the title, author, year, number of pages and, if possible, the shelf mark and subject group.
The scans will be sent in PDF format to your OVGU e-mail address only.

If you have any questions about the campus delivery service, please contact the delivery service team at

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