Course Reserve Books

To support the courses at OVGU, the UB offers the course reserve books service. Through this, participants of courses can be provided with literature from the UB via a standardized procedure (print or electronic), in compliance with the current copyright law. Further information can be found in the following:


What are course reserve books?

Course reserve books contain the literature recommended by lecturers for their courses, which are provided by the University Library in printed or digital form for the duration of a semester. This services is offered until the end of the semester, as long as lecturers make no request for extension for the next semester.

What are printed and digital course reserve books?

printed course reserve books: Contains the printed literature recommended by lecturers for their courses, which are marked as "not lendable" for the duration of a semester, so that they can always be accessed at the user area of the UB. They are placed on a separate shelf on the respective subject level (e.g. 1st floor for humanities) and sorted by institute/lecturer or course.

digital course reserve books: Contains the literature recommended by lecturers for their course, which is scanned by the UB in accordance with copyright law and made available on the OVGU E-learning platform

As a lecturer, how do I get printed or digital course reserve books?

Prerequisite for the creation of course reserve books is a valid membership in the UB. Lecturers send a list of the literature to be compiled to The list should contain this information:

a)      Name of the lecturer, faculty/institute/working group as well as the name of the course

b)      Literature list with the information for each: author, title, year of publication, if applicable edition and the library signature of the book

c)      List of printed literature of the UB that should be scanned and offered via digital course reserve books. According to current copyright law, the following contents can be offered:

            • max. 15 % of a monography
            • max. 25 pages of a contribution from an anthology, manual
            • complete articles from scientific journals
            • Illustrations (e.g. diagrams, images)

If individual works are not available at the University Library, they can be acquired after consultation with the respective subject specialists of the UB. Please submit acquisition proposals on time!

Deadlines for course reserve books

In order to ensure that the literature list is available on time, generally, we ask that you send it by February 15th (for summer semester) or August 15th (for winter semester). Later additions or submissions are possible, but the literature may not be available on time at the beginning of the semester.

Important information regarding printed course reserve books

Printed journals cannot be used as course reserve books. Additional materials can be stored in suitable folders next to the course reserve books.

Where do I find printed course reserve books in the catalogue?

In order to display the printed course reserve books in the catalogue (OPAC) please enter in the search field: exk name lecturer, e.g. exk Schulz. This search only works in the Simple Search mode (search field "[ALL] All words"). 

How do lecturers and students get access to digital course reserve books?

The digital literature is provided in our course area in the OVGU eLearning portal that is accessible using a provided password. The literature must not be made available to other persons than the course participants. Access to the course reserve books is closed at the end of the semester (March 31st or September 30th). Please point this out to the participants of your course.

Contact address for course reserve books  

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