To use the library and its services, you must be registered as a user.

Print this registration form or obtain it at the circulation desk, and fill its first page with your details and signature.

German students and employees of the university are required to present their student or employee ID ("Dienstausweis") for registration.

Students who cannot be present at the university can also register online: Please send a scan of your student card and your identity card (both sides) to

Foreign students need their student ID, passport and proof of accommodation to register.

External users, i.e. all users that are not member of the university, present their goverment-issued ID for registration. External users from abroad are addtionally required to present their passport and proof of accommodation to register. For external users, a one-time fee of 10.30 EUR is to be paid for the user card.

Registration is possible from the age of 16 with a valid identity card. However, before the age of majority (18 years), a declaration of consent from the parents is needed. 

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