Terms of Use for eRessources

and Information on Using Electronic Resources Outside of the Campus Network (External Use)

Terms of Use for Databases, E-Journals and E-Books

Irrespective of additional restrictions that may apply to individual electronic resources, of which you will be notified upon use, in general the following rules apply to all electronic resources that Magdeburg University Library makes available to you.

The following is permitted:

for own academic, research-related and private use by members of the University and other authorised users:

  • the downloading of search results from bibliographic databases;
  • the printing of search results;
  • the downloading and printing of small sections of digital works (full texts), e.g. individual journal articles and individual book chapters.

The following is prohibited:

  • the commercial exploitation of research results;
  • the substantial or systematic downloading of search results, articles, book chapters etc., especially by robots (e.g. whole journals, entire books);
  • the dissemination of search results either in electronic or in printed form to third parties.
  • Violations will be sanctioned and may result in exclusion from use of the university library altogether.

Failure to comply with these general terms of use may result in the closure of the relevant publisher's server to all users on the campus.


Information on Using Electronic Resources Outside of the Campus Network (External Use)

  • Some of the electronic resources licensed by Magdeburg UL may also be used externally.
  • To this end, they may only be accessed via the UL (e.g. e-Journals via EZB, e-Books via OPAC, databases via DBIS).
  • The volume of material available depends on the user group and the specific license agreement: university members (and also only sub-groups thereof) have access to more than private individuals.
  • The necessary authentication - unnoticeable within the authorised IP area - takes place externally by checking of your user number (library ID) and password.
  • In this connection, your initial password - generated automatically upon registration - will not be accepted for safety reasons.
  • Invalid library IDs will also not be accepted.

Change your initial password in the user information of the online catalogue.  Note: The special characters "-" (minus) and "_" (underscore) are currently not accepted in passwords.

Renew your membership in good time.

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