General Information on Apprenticeship

Specialists in media and information services in the library field work in the areas of procurement, indexing, mediation and provision of media, information and data as well as in the areas of consulting and support of library users.


  • Good secondary education or university entrance qualification
  • Good German and English skills
  • Very good general education
  • Open-mindedness
  • Team spirit
  • Customer-orientation and pleasure in dealing with customers
  • Interest in books
  • Physical and mental resilience

Duration: 3 years

Number of apprentices: 2 per apprentice year


In the practical training in the library department, the following knowledge is taught, among other things:


  • Ordering media (books, journals, electronic publications)
  • Inventory of new acquisitions
  • Processing of reclamations


  • Preperation of media according to the rules of formal classification
  • Lending-ready processing of media

Open-Stacks Area

  • Advice for library users using various information tools (e.g. library catalogues & databases)
  • Providing information by telephone, for example about opening hours, loan periods, etc.
  • Setting up media according to the subject classification


  • Excavation and maintenance of stacks stocks for usage


  • Processing of loans, returns, reminders and orders of media
  • User registration

Inter-Library Loan

  • Make media available to library users that are not available in their own library (processing of orders for giving and taking inter-library loans)

The (vocational) theoretical apprenticeship takes place in block instruction at the Kyffhäuserkreis State Vocational School Centre in Sondershausen, School Part 1. According to the framework curriculum, it includes the following learning fields: procurement and research, economics, administration, law, foreign language communication, word processing, information and communication, media and information services, German and sport.

Job Opportunities

After successful completion of the apprenticeship, the specialist employees are usually employed in the university library for one year. Afterwards you can apply for a job at the following institutions, among others:

  • Scientific and public libraries; company libraries
  • Radio and television broadcasting organisations
  • District, city, state and national archives; media and press archives
  • Information and documentation centres
  • Health insurance companies and hospitals; clinics

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