Initial Inventor Consultation

  • The patent attorneys in Germany are partners of the economy and contribute to promoting and securing technological progress and thus the competitiveness of our country. Out of a sense of social responsibility, the freelance IP experts in many German cities regularly conduct free inventor consultations on a voluntary basis.

    This service is aimed primarily at showing freelance inventors, employee inventors and managing directors of crafts enterprises and small businesses the steps they need to take to protect an innovation. A thorough study of the file or the drafting of a patent application is not possible within the scope of the free initial consultation - but usually a solution tailored to the individual subject matter can be outlined.

  • The initial inventor consultations are currently being conducted by telephone. After consultation, our employees will put you in touch with the contact person and give you information about the appointment.

  • Depending on the issue at hand, we recommend that a state of the art research (for patents and utility models) be carried out in advance on pending or existing trade marks or registered designs. Our team will be pleased to refer you to the search databases or to accept commissioned searches.


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