User PCs & Internet Access

The UB offers you several ways of accessing the internet and, thus, our electronic catalogues and databases.

Prerequisite is a valid OvGU account (URZ account) or account of your own university for WiFi use (eduroam).
Please note: External users (private persons etc.) receive an account when registering at the circulation desk. However, this account does not entitle you to dial into the WiFi.

Login to the User PCs in the UB (IGEL clients)

On all floors of the library you will find PCs that can be used by all users of the library. After logging in with your URZ account, the PCs allow for research in the library's information systems and the use of the internet. You can back up your data using a USB stick or your personal network drive at the URZ.

On the clients, the following software is available :

  • Windows 10
  • Browser
  • Microsoft Office software
  • LaTeX software
  • Image processing software
  • Statistics software R (quick guide)

 Students and employees of the OVGU can additionally access the following software:

  • Statistics software IBM SPSS (for members of the OVGU only)
  • Numeric software MathWorks MATLAB 2020a (for members of the OVGU only)

Access via WiFi

As a member of the OVGU you have access to the WiFi in the UB. Select the network 'OvGU-802.1X' and identify yourself with your OVGU/URZ account.

Members of other institutions of the eduroam (German only) network can identify themselves via the 'Eduroam' WiFi with the account data of their institution (e.g.:

External users (private persons etc.) are not authorized to log on to the OVGU WiFi network. This user group can only access the internet at the user PCs (IGEL clients) of the UB.

Further information can be found at the URZ website.

Access via Open Ethernet Cables in the User Area and the Carrels of the UB

There are about 250 ethernet access ports on all floors in the public area of the UB which can be used by notebooks etc. They can be identified by the presence of an green ethernet (LAN) cable.

For using the access points, the following steps must be performed:

  • Connect the green ethernet cable to your device, so that port and device are connected
  • If not preconfigured, enable the automatic obtaining of an IP address (DHCP) and of a DNS server for your device.
  • Start a browser of your choice
  • The authentication page is displayed automatically, please enter your URZ account and password
  • After the message "Login o.k." appears, you are connected to the university network and the internet


  • This access is only possible for students and employees of the OVGU!
  • The connection is active as long as your device is powered on
  • If you cannot connect to the internet, please deactivate the proxy settings in your browser 
  • Do not use the ports and cables that are connected to the user PCs (IGEL clients)!


Please enter your user account by only using lower case letters and numbers (do not use upper case letters).

In case special characters are included in your password, please use the combination "Alt" and "Strg" ("Ctrl") instead of "Alt Gr". For example, to type an @ character, use the keys "Alt", "Strg" and "q".

The "NumBlock" on the keyboards is deactivated initially. If you want to use the num block on the right hand of the keyboard, please hit the "Num" key once. In case you still encounter problems with your login, use only the numbers above the letter keys on your keyboard.

If the WiFi connection still cannot be established, please try the following first:

1.)   Notebook

  • Windows 10:
    Windows => Settings => Network and Internet  => Change Adapter Options => right click on WiFi => Deactivate
    right click on WiFi => activate again => select WiFi network and connect again.
  • Windows 7:
    Settings => Network and Sharing Center =>  Click on Wireless Network Connection OvGU or Eduroam => Deactivate => Change Adapter Options => right click on Wireless Network Connection => Activate => click on Connect to a Network => select WiFi network and connect again.

2.)   Smartphone / Tablet

  • Settings => Connections => WiFi => remove OvGU or Eduroam connection => deactivate WiFi, activate again, look for networks and connect.


If you need support nonetheless, do not hesitate to contact us:

IT-Team of the University Library: Tel.: +49 391 67-40036  E-Mail:
URZ  IT-Service Point: Tel.: +49 391 67-58888  E-Mail:


Last Modification: 07.12.2021 - Contact Person: UB IT Applications