Service Offering

The team of the Patent Information Center and the Norm InfoPoint offers you:

  • Information on commercial property rights, e.g. on patents, utility models, trade marks and registered designs
  • Instruction in the research for property rights and support in the development of your own research strategy
  • Performing researches
  • Free initial consultation for inventors by patent attorneys (patents, utility models, trademarks, and designs)
  • Free consultation by patent attorneys on intellectual property (trademarks, design, copyright and media law)
  • Provision and explanation of the forms and information sheets for property right applications


  • Research support, information and advice on standards, guidelines and technical rules
  • Inspection of DIN, DIN EN, DIN ISO, VDI, VDE, TGL etc.
  • Up-to-date research
  • University internal reminder ticker for norms and standards
  • CaNoLi: Campus Norm Delivery Service


  • User training, lectures and seminars on request


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