"Patent, Trade Mark, Design and Norm Information are the sources for research and product innovation !!!"

At modern computer workstations, which are connected to powerful printers, you will find the best conditions for your own research for the diverse commercial property rights and norms.
However, if required and according to your wishes, you can also have your required research carried out at any time by our experienced researchers, within the framework of a contract research.

Own Research

Under the guidance of experienced researchers, who always endeavour to provide comprehensive answers to your questions relevant to intellectual property rights, you can research independently in many subject databases, free internet databases and selected professional special databases. Thus, you can get an overview of the state of the art, search for specific patent owners or applicants or inventors, search for trademarks or logos to identify products or services for your business start-up or those of competitors, or even identify protected designs from all areas of everyday life.

After an introduction to one of the most important search tools, the International Patent Classification (IPC) or the European Patent Classification (ECLA), we select one or more databases corresponding to your needs, discuss the most favourable search strategy and carry out the first research steps together with you.

You can view the research results in various forms, e.g. as a list or as a short document with abstract or main claim or also as a title page or full text document and take it with you if required.

For study purposes and research tasks, all printouts are free of charge upon presentation of a copy order.

The costs for copies or printouts for external or private users are regulated by the University Library's fee regulations. The use of the Patent Information Center and the Norm InfoPoint as well as the databases is generally free of charge.

Contract Research

In case you need support in your research, then send us a written research order (German only) and our longtime experienced researchers will help you to fulfiill your information needs with a contract research.

We accept research assignments for, among other things:

  • State of the art research,
  • Name research by applicant or inventor,
  • Patent family research,
  • Determination of current legal status,
  • Patent statistical analyses,

as well as for:

  • Trademark research (e.g. for letters, numbers, words, logos or owners),
  • and design research.


In addition to retrospective researches, regular (monthly, bimonthly or as you wish) surveillance researches (e.g. patent or trademark monitoring) are offered for all types of orders.

Once we have received a fully completed research order, we will contact you to clarify any open questions regarding the assignment, to discuss the research strategy and, if applicable, the databases to be used, to determine the form of the results to be delivered and to agree on the completion date. The research results will be sent to you, if required also in partial steps, in the form of a detailed research report, in which, in addition to the databases used, the research period and all individual research steps and their results are listed, together with the result lists and - if desired - the short documents, title pages or full text documents, in writing by post or e-mail.

The price for commissioned research depends on the scope of the research and is determined on the basis of the University Library's scale of charges.

Thematic contract research (without rush orders) for official purposes or for the fulfilment of study tasks is free of charge for members of the Otto-von-Guericke-University, as long as the research is done in databases whose use is financed by a lump sum contract.

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