About us

In 1984, the Polytechnic Patent Library was opened at the former Technical University of Applied Science Otto-von-Guericke Magdeburg. At the same time, the already existing standard office was integrated.

In 1991, with the beginning of comprehensive funding, the Polytechnic Patent Library was renamed the Patent Information Center (PIZ) and the Standards Office was renamed the DIN Issue Office (DAS). The basis for this was the contract between the Technical University of Applied Sciences Otto-von-Guericke Magdeburg, the Federal Ministry of Economics, the Patent Office and the DIN Institute.

The manifold services of the Patent Information Center and the Norm InfoPoint (formerly DAS) are available not only to researchers, university lecturers, staff and students of universities, but also to employees from other research, industrial, craft and service companies as well as private inventors and students, i.e. everyone.  

Modern computer workstations, combined with powerful printers, offer the best conditions for your own research on a wide range of commercial property rights and standards.
Under the guidance of experienced staff, you can conduct your own research in the PIZ and DAS. All relevant subject databases, free internet databases and selected professional special databases are available to you.

You can also have your necessary research carried out at any time by our experienced researchers, as part of a contract research.
This includes, among other things: research on standards, technical property rights (such as state of the art research, research on the names of inventors or applicants) or research on trademarks or registered designs as well as legal status research, patent family research and regular monitoring research (patent monitoring)

Please use our document service for the provision of short or full text documents on commercial property rights.

Free initial consultations for inventors are regularly conducted by experienced patent attorneys in our PIZ.

For interested users we offer training courses, lectures and seminars on the subjects of "Commercial Property Rights" and "Information and Research Options".

In addition, we will provide you with contacts for all matters relating to commercial property rights and the relevant funding institutions in Saxony-Anhalt.

At our Norm InfoPoint, any interested party can independently research norms and standards free of charge and gain access to them. However, the reproduction of DIN standards, VDI, VDE guidelines and other norms and standards, except for the TGL, is subject to special conditions of use.  

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